Case Study

Pelican State Credit Union's Retail Branch in Pineville

Location: Pineville, LA
Retail Branch / Teller Pods
Pelican State Credit Union

Architect: Labarre Architects, APAC
Labarre Associates, Inc.
Completion Date:

Pelican State Credit Union has committed through an extensive launch of their new prototype branch to the retail type branch with teller pods and cash recycler type bank equipment.


The previous branches for Pelican State CU were not as welcoming to members. Pelican wished to have their branch reflect their company’s culture as an open, friendly place to do business.


While the design initially does not seem to present itself toward a smaller branch, the openness of the MSRs, meeting areas, waiting areas, and teller pods lends itself toward having a smaller space not appear tiny or cramped. Instead of removing program space to accommodate a smaller footprint, support spaces such as corridors are eliminated and circulation is shared between all public portions of the building.

The Pineville Branch houses a work room, through wall ATM, 2 teller pods that hold 2 tellers each, a waiting area, coffee bar, tech table, consultation area, 2 MSR cubicles, 3 closed offices, a conference room, and break area within just under 3,000 square feet. It is a renovated lease area within a strip mall.

The other key to a successful retail style branch is branding. Every branch must feel like it is part of the same company and the same space in order to keep the space in the member’s mind as a place to go “into” instead of “drive through”. If the user feels that they could be in any place, then they have no reason to want to be in your place.

The upfront cost for specialized bank equipment, training, and renovation of branches is less expensive than the tellerless model, and the teller pod model also has very little risk involved. If the teller pods do not work out for any particular branch for whatever reason, a traditional teller line could be accommodated with very little renovation.

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